The Application of Listing Notified New Chemical Substances in the IECSC is Launched

Original Article by Lila Tao from CIRS

In early November 2014, the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Centre of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (SCC-MEP) noticed that the original registration certificate holders who had already applied the entering of notified new chemical substances under Order No.17 into the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (IECSC) to submit all relevant materials before the end of November.

The Order No. 17 is the Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances, which was issued by the former State Environmental Protection Administration on September 12 2003 and was abolished on October 15 2010 when the MEP’s Order No. 7 came into force. The original registration certificate under Order No. 17 is still valid until the new substance enters in the IECSC, and the holder shall submit a report on actual activities to the SCC one month prior to the passage of five complete years as of the date of first production or importation.

In order to list the notified new substance on the IECSC, the following documents are required to be submitted:

  1. Application form of listing the notified new chemical substance into the IECSC;
  2. Supporting documents to prove the first activity (importation, manufacturing, etc.) of notified new substance;
  3. Documents for verifying the category of notified new substance; Based on the requirements under Order No. 7, new chemical substance shall be categorized into general new chemical substance, hazardous new chemical substance and hazardous new chemical substance of priority environmental management. Such categories shall result from the testing reports, while, the non-testing data, such as the data from MSDS, will not be accepted. What’s more, the categories have to be assessed in accordance with The Guidelines for Hazard Identification of New Chemical Substances (public consultations).
  4. Actual activities report according to the requirement under Order No. 7;
  5. Application of confidentiality;
    The document shall contain the information (for instance, CAS No., Chinese name, English name, Chinese generic name, English generic name, molecular formula, structure formula, etc) that the applicants to keep as confidential and the reasons of such applications.
  6. Other documents.
    For example, if the registration certificate holder is changed due to corporate reorganization or other reasons, the relevant evidentiary material should be submitted.

Since this application should be finished within this month, the enterprises which received such notice from the SCC shall prepare and submit the relevant documents as soon as possible so as to let the notified new chemical substances enter into the IECSC successfully.

In the next year MEP may notice enterprises which registered the new substances under Order No. 17 while haven’t applied those substance into IECSC for the entering.

It is expected that the IECSC would be updated in several years later and it is wise for the enterprises to key close eye on MEP’s website for the lists of substances to be entered into IECSC.

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