2015 EU BPR Seminar is going to be held by CIRS and Eurofins in Hangzhou

Original Article by Ethan Zheng from CIRS

The new European Union (EU) Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, has entered into force since September 1st 2013 and will be implemented on September 1st 2015. However, most of the Chinese suppliers and exporters who export biocidal products and/or biocide treated articles still do not recognize the regulation requirements and their obligations under BPR. For the purpose of their awareness of the obligations under BPR and within its supply Chain, CIRS and Eurofins are pleased to launch the 2015 BPR training seminar in Hangzhou.

[Download Seminar Brochure in PDF version]


1. In-depth Analysis on Authorization of Biocides Products
2. Treated Articles Compliance
3. How to Comply with Article 95 in BPR
4. Introduction of 5 Batch Analysis and Technical Equivalence under BPR
5. Introduction of GLP Lab
6. Workshop: Regulatory Compliance in Supply Chain

Time, location and language

Date: 8:00AM – 17:00PM, 14 January 2015
Location: Location: Zhejiang Grand Hotel, 595 Yanan Road, Hangzhou, China
Language: English/Chinese

Who shall attend?

QA Manager and Regulatory manager of Biocides manufacturers
QA Manager and Regulatory manager of Active substances manufacturers
Sale manager and Regulatory manager of Treated Articles producers
Sale manager and Technical manager of Laboratories

Speaker Profile






Delegates Registration



Welcome Speech



General introduction of BPR Compliance



In-depth Analysis on Authorization of Biocides products

Nicholas Jarvis


Treated Articles Compliance

David Wan








How to Comply with Article 95 in BPR

Dr. Michael Zhang


Introduction of 5 Batch Analysis and Technical Equivalence under BPR

Dr. Andreas Wais


Tea Break



Introduction of GLP Lab

Michele Cavalleri


Workshop : Regulatory Compliance in Supply Chain

All speakers

How to register?

The registration fee for the BPR training seminar is 1000 RMB (160 USD, 125 Euro). The fee does not cover the cost of transportation and accommodation. 20% discount is available for early birds before 31 December 2014 based on registration received.

For the information of registration, please download [registration form], fill in and send back to Mr. Ethan Zheng. If there are any questions and comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Ethan Zheng
Email: Ethan.zheng@cirs-group.com
Phone: +86 571 89716572
Fax: +86 571 87206533

Information of Zhejiang Grand Hotel

Contact information: +0086 571 85056666
Address: 595 Yanan Road, Hangzhou, China

Background Information

The new BPR requires that an active substance be approved by the EU and that a biocidal product be authorized before placing on the market. The BPR also requires that biocide treated articles not be placed on the EU market unless all active substances contained in the biocidal products with which they were treated or which they incorporate are approved for use in BPR. In addition to BPR regulation, more and more enterprises have paid their attentions on the information about GLP lab, 5 batch analysis and Article 95 compliance. Experts in these areas will also be invited to this seminar to share information with the attendees.

For the purpose of offering suppliers and exporters a better understanding of BPR related topics, CIRS and Eurofins are very pleased to launch this meaningful training seminar. In the case that you are doing business on BPR or if you want to know the information of these two regulations, you are very welcomed to join this seminar to share information with the speakers and other attendees.


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