The First Batch of Special Controlled Goods Entered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Original Article by Ethan Zheng from CIRS

On November 6th, a batch of 261 human blood plasma samples entered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) testing area. This is the first batch of special controlled goods that entered in the SFTZ after Shanghai CIQ published the new Measure of Inspection and Regulation of Imported Special Controlled Goods.

In June 2014, the SFTZ carried out the Measure of Inspection and Regulation of Imported Special Controlled Goods, which is the most intensive reformation measure ever. The measure includes the simplification of pre-inspection, widening of the inspection condition, building of the “in-zone enterprises” examination and inspection, inspection at certain area and etc. So that the inspection process can be shortened, the custom clearance speed can be accelerated and the industry cost can be lowered. Also, this measure has become one of the 8 duplicable and promotable new measures published by the AQSIQ.

As reported, the first batch of the special controlled goods that benefit from the new measure is going to be used for analytical experiment of the medication test of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Inspection and quarantine department stated that under the new measure, the applicants will save more time in entry application and inspection and quarantine waiting period, so that scientists can start the research earlier by receiving the samples in a shorter time. The new policy also reduces the cost, thus improving the research experiment of imported/exported special controlled goods from a small scale into a big, industrial scale. The distance between labs in China and the top rated labs all over the world will be significantly reduced in order to improve the development of Chinese biological medication industries.

These policies will definitely make the importation in China more convenient and efficient.


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