National Hazardous Inventory is about to be Adopted in Thailand

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Thailand is now preparing a national inventory for hazardous substances. The Thailand Ministry of Industry (MoI) requires that enterprises that manufacture or import substances with hazardous properties have to notify to Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW). The notified substances will be added into the list of hazardous industrial chemicals and wastes, and will be concluded in a new annex 5.6. The list will be regulated under Hazardous Substance Act (HSA).

The above mentioned hazardous properties include:

  • Explosive;
  • Flammable;
  • Toxic;
  • Reprotoxic;
  • Environmental Hazardous;
  • Carcinogen;
  • Irritant;
  • Oxidizing or peroxide;
  • Mutagen; and
  • Corrosive.

Enterprises will have to notify the substance with hazardous properties if the amount of manufacturing or importing is beyond 1 ton per year. DIW will prepare an existing chemical list and hazardous chemical database by using the information from the notification.

After the notification, the notified substances will be exempted from HAS. If the substance is classified as type I in Thailand, enterprises will not be required to submit notification, but they will be required to obey the rules for monitoring, labeling, manufacturing and storage. They are regulated under different authorities in DIW.

The rules for notification will be formulated by MoI in a document, and will be published in Royal Gazette. The notice will enter into force after the day it was published.


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