CFDA issued the Food Safety Sampling Inspection Regulation

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The present sampling inspection methods have the problems of unreasonable structure, repeated contents and effective statistic utilization shortage. To solve the problems mentioned above, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) issued the Food Safety Sampling Inspection Regulation. The Regulation contains 53 articles, which include rules for planning, sampling, inspection, treatment method and legal liability of food sampling inspection. This regulation established the general idea of “Unified plan, Unified administration, Unified Statistic analysis and Unified utilization”.


1. Food manufacturers or distributors must take the responsibility for food safety

If the test results of products are unqualified, food manufacturers or distributors must stop selling these products and actively assist the government to solve the food safety problem. In such case, the credit files of the manufacturers or distributors will be influenced.

2. Strengthening the legal obligation of food inspection institution

Increase penalties for the misconduct of food inspection institution. For inspection institutes, who present false testing reports, seek illegal benefits or illegally release information about food safety sampling inspection, the inspection qualification of such institutes will be revoked.

3. Forming the emphasis of food safety sampling inspection;

1) Food with high risk, increasing pollution level, high consumption, large number of customer complaints or obvious security risk;
2) Main and subsidiary foods especially for specific population including infants, pregnant women, patients and the olds
3) Collective meal distribution units, school canteens and scenic catering services
4) Foods, which caused healthy issues in foreign countries, are proved to have the possibility to cause the same issue domestically.

4. Improving the re-examination procedures of disqualified results

Food Safety Sampling Inspection Regulation stipulates that food manufacturers can submit written application for re-examination within 5 days after receiving the disqualification report. The inspection agency shall draw a re-examination conclusion within 10 days after receiving the backup sample. However the regulation also indicates that if the samples were tested with microbial overweight or the backup samples are beyond expiration date, the application for re-examination will not be accepted.

5. Simplifying the authenticity dissent handling procedure

Food manufacturers or distributors can submit written application and related materials of the food authenticity within 5 days after receiving the disqualification report.

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