2018 REACH Registration Deadline was Published by ECHA

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On 14 January 2015, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published “2018 REACH Roadmap”, which is a work plan that includes all the details of REACH registration deadline for enterprises to register successfully.

The tonnage for the last deadline will be 1-100 ton per year, and most companies that belong to this tonnage range are SMEs, and ECHA expects that there will be a large number of SMEs to register their chemicals and most of them will be inexperienced for the registration processes.

For the purpose of providing the best guidance and support to those enterprises, ECHA prepared a very detailed work plan ---- “REACH 2018 Roadmap”. The roadmap includes all the services to support and different time tables for the registrants to finish their registration by the deadline.

Similar to the REACH 2018 web page that ECHA published in October 2014, the REACH 2018 Roadmap includes 7 steps that are involved in the successful registration procedures. And for each specific step, the time table and time period for registration process are demonstrated in details. ECHA also invites all the stakeholders to take part into this work to further help improve the roadmap, in order to provide the registrants with the best and most supports.

ECHA’s Executive Director Geert Dancet says: “Even though the REACH 2018 registration deadline is more than 2 years from now, enterprises would better take actions right now in order to finish the registration smoothly and successfully by the deadline. All the registration materials and information will include 23 EU languages, and it is our commitment to help all the registrants. The 2018 REACH Roadmap includes all the registration related details, and it will definitely provide helps to all the registrants.”

Click here to download the “REACH 2018 Roadmap”.



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