Taiwan Aligns Standards with UN GHS Rev. 4

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In order to enhance the public knowledge of classification and labeling of hazardous chemicals, Taiwan's Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has updated standard CNS 15030 from the second revision of GHS to the fourth.

In total, there were 28 standards in the previous version of CNS 15030, and 11 among them were amended:

CNS 15030 general rules for classification and labelling of chemicals;
CNS15030-2 for flammable gases;
CNS15030-3 for flammable aerosols;
CNS15030-4 for oxidising gases;
CNS 15030-5 for gases under pressure;
CNS15030-6 for flammable liquids;
CNS15030-7 for flammable solids;
CNS15030-11 for self-heating substances and mixtures;
CNS15030-16 for corrosive to metals;
CNS15030-20 for respiratory or skin sensitisation; and
CNS15030-23 for reproductive toxicity.

Besides, 10 new standards were adopted and 7 were deleted in the revised version. For specific updates, you can visit CNS website service system: http://www.cnsonline.com.tw

A series of standards in CNS 15030 were adopted according to UN GHS, mainly consist of physical hazards (like inflammable gas or liquid), health hazards (like aspiration hazard and cancerogenic substance) and environmental hazards (like water environmental contamination). CNS 15030 regulated the standards of classifying and labeling of those chemical substances for common identification of international society.

BSMI expressed that the revision this time aims to consistent with international standards. Additionally, the decision logic was also adopted so that practitioners can classify and label chemical substances in a more efficient manner and that users can obtain correct safety information.

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