Progresses of Chemical Substance Draft List under K-REACH

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After the discussion in the first meeting of South Korea’s Chemical Substance Evaluation Committee (CSEC), the draft list of 518 existing chemical substance under K-REACH will be finalized and published in June 2015. The manufacturers and importers of related chemicals will have 3 years to finish the registration processes.

According to the committee news, since the information for the substance registration is sufficient for the enterprises, the public consultation process will be skipped.

The safety and labeling standards was also reviewed by the committee. Typically, these standards were applied under TCCA (Toxic Chemicals Control Act).

The products are concluded into five categories:

  • Detergents: including cleaners, bleaching agents, fabric softeners and synthetic detergents;
  • Coating adhesives: including anti-rust additives, coating agents, adhesives and anti-fogging agents;
  • Deodorizing agents and air fresheners;
  • Dyes: including tattoo inks and colorant/decolorant agents;
  • Biocides: including insect repellents, disinfectants and preservatives.

A public consultation has been opened by MoE, which will last until 12 February 2015. MoE wishes to collect advices and ideas about the list of high risk products from related industries.


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