Korean Cabinet Approved K-REACH Presidential Decree

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On December 2nd 2014, long-awaited presidential decree for the implementation of the Act for the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH) and the Chemicals Control Act (CCA) has been approved by the cabinet.

According to Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), the official version of the presidential decree will be issued next week by Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE), and will come into force at that time. The adopted version does not have much difference with the draft. The ministerial decree is still under assessment.

The Act for the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH) and the Chemicals Control Act (CCA) will take effect on January 1st 2015 to replace The Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA).


The main items in presidential decree:

  • The normal tenure of the members of assessment committee for chemicals is two years, and it may be prolonged for individual circumstances. The committee should take obligations to advise MoE about which substance needs to be registered; and which substance may do severe harm to human beings or environment, so registration will be required even if its annual tonnage is less than 1 t/y. The committee should also give suggestions to MoE that which substance should be prohibited, authorized or restricted.
  • According to the notice of MoE, the producers and importers will have 3 years to prepare registration, since a batch of substances are announced to subject to K-REACH.
  • Substances that exempted from K-REACH will include low-concerned polymers and those used for scientific research.
  • For substance which is identified as harmless or new substance less than 1 t/y, only simplified registration will be required. For existing substance or new substance more than 1 t/y, typical registration will be required. Existing substance less than 1 t/y is exempted from registration.

The main items in ministerial decree:

  • Report for registered new substance has to be submitted to MoE every 3 years.
  • The requirement for the specific introduction of registration data is listed in article 18 of K-REACH and annex III-VII.
  • The articles 24-31 of K-REACH introduce the joint submission of registration and the proper usage of data. It is required that enterprises can register independently, but data must be provided by lead registrant.

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