China SAWS Publishes Documents for Hazardous Chemicals Registration

25 Oct 2012, China SAWS has published a series of supporting documents for hazardous chemicals registration. The 8 supporting documents consist of hazardous chemicals registration form for manufacturers, registration form for importers, user application form, application form for renewal, and NRCC’s draft notices to reject one application or request more data.

New! The Measures for the Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (2012) is published on 1 June 2012 and will now enter into force on 1 August 2012. This regulation is now available in English for free. Please contact to request a free copy.

Hazardous chemicals registration form has set out detailed information required for registration and given some guidance on how to fill in the form. In general, a registration form is divided into five parts: legal entity information, list of chemicals, identification of source of major hazards, identification of chemical process for key priority management, and information on each hazardous chemical.

Detailed information required for each part is listed as follows:

Part No.

Information Required


Legal Entity Information

Name, date of formation, address, legal representative, sales revenue, business license, qualifications of import, manufacturer’s information, no. of products, storage facilities, EHS professionals, etc.

Importers are divided into trading importer and downstream user importer.


List of Chemicals

Index, Chinese name, trade name,  HS code, whether a chemical is listed in the Catalog/List of Highly Toxic Chemicals/List of Hazardous Chemicals for Priority Management/List of Precursor Chemicals for Drugs & Explosives, country of origin, annual volume

Country of origin is only required for imported hazardous chemicals.

Identification of Source of Major Hazards

Name f source of major hazards, address, main facilities, and accidents in the past 3 years.

Not required for trading importer without storage facilities.

Identification of Chemical Process for Key Priority Management

Description of chemical process, facilities

Not required for trading importer.

Information on Each Hazardous Chemical

Product identifier, manufacturer’s information, composition, classification & labeling, phyio-chemical properties, toxicological properties, eco-toxicological properties, main uses and uses advised against, hazard properties, storage conditions, occupational exposure limits(*), transportation information and emergency response measures.

Occupational exposure limits are required for manufacturers.

Physio-chemical/ toxicological/eco-toxicological data is required for registration by default.  The source of toxicological and eco-toxicological data shall also be given unless certain exemption criteria are met.


Note: We can provide English application/registration forms at a small fee. Please contact us if you are interested in the English version of those 8 documents.

CIRS’s Comments

  • Data required for hazardous chemicals registration has greatly increased. In addition to GHS classification & labeling, physio-chemical/toxicological/eco-toxicological data and their source is also required. This is much more complicated than C&L notification in Europe.
  • Importers are divided into trading importer and downstream user importer. Data required for each type of importer is different.
  • For chemicals listed in the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals, classifications given in the Catalog shall be provided.  For a chemical product with unknown hazard (for example, a mixture containing a hazardous substance that is listed in the Catalog), companies shall request SAWS-designated organizations to carry out hazard classification first and register the chemical product if the chemical has been confirmed to be hazardous. Registration of a non-hazardous chemical product will be rejected.


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