CIRS Regulatory Assistant Program - Your Local Part-time Regulatory Staff for China

Would you like to have an experienced local regulatory assistant to help you track the latest chemical regulations in China, do some translations of legal texts and clarify your questions by doing research and communicating with local authorities? CIRS is launching a unique cost-efficient regulatory assistant program to help you reduce business risks associated with regulatory affairs and remove barriers to entry.

The benefits of joining CIRS regulatory assistant program include:

  • Removing language and cultural barrier;
  • Avoiding hiring full-time staff and lowering your compliance costs for China;
  • Product regulatory compliance check & advice;
  • Choosing your own consultants you know or chemical regulations you are interested;
  • Having local regulatory affairs staff clarifying your questions, analyzing the impact of any new regulations on your business and communicating with authorities in China;
  • Accessing CIRS's quarterly regulatory update report and all presentations free of charge.


  • Option 1: 5,000 RMB per year (up to 12 hrs of work per year);
  • Option 2: 9,000 RMB per year (up to 24 hrs of work per year);
  • Option 3: 500 RMB per hour, hourly rate, actual accumulated cost.

How to Join

Please complete this service form, sign it and send a scanned copy to

CIRS Regulatory Assistant Program