SDS & Label Authoring for Asia Pacific - Any Region, Any Format, Any Language

CIRS is pleased to announce that it now offers comprehensive SDS & label authoring services for Asia Pacific region. Our SDSs & labels are prepared in the official language of destination region/country and reflect the latest regulatory requirements on format, unique classification rules, ingredient disclosure & regulatory information in each country/region.

The average price of each SDS is between 150 USD to 350 USD depending on the volume of SDSs to be prepare and the number of lanugages require. The countries/regions and languages we serve are listed as follows:

Country or Region
China Chinese - Simplified
Taiwan Chinese - Traditional
Japan Japanese
Korea Korean
Australia English
Thailand Thai
Philippine English
Indonesia Indonesian
Malaysia Malaysian
Vietnam Vietnamese
India Hindi
Singapore English

Terms & Conditions

  • Existing SDS or product composition data is required for SDS preparation;
  • Inventory check and review of classification & transport information is included;
  • It takes 1-3 working days to prepare a SDS;
  • Discount is available if there are multiple SDSs;
  • 50% charge will be applied for a second lanauge for the same SDS;

Contact Us

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.