Overview of Chemical Management Policies in China

Updated in April 2013

Compliance with chemical legislation in China is not easy because Chinese government usually is not doing a very good job in making information transparent and available to companies based out side of China. Most of laws, regulations, or guidance documents are only available in Chinese. Sometimes, the regulation could be ambiguous.

CIRS understands your needs. Focusing on chemical compliance, we are dedicated to providing one-stop solutions to your regulatory issues in China so that you can focus on your businesses. CIRS's R&D centre in China consists of around 15 chemists and toxicologists. They gather the latest regulatory updates regarding chemical industry and downstream users of chemicals, carry out in-depth analysis of regulatory requirements and provide the technical know-how to help you achieve compliance.

What is New?

11 April 2013, CIRS publishes 2013 Q1 Chemical Regulatory Update Report for China. Click here to download this report.

The table below is a list of chemical regulations we can help you comply with. The legislation covers new chemical substance, existing substance, toxic chemicals, hazardous chemicals, restricted or prohibited chemicals, food additives, cosmetics and its ingredients, pesticides and dangerous goods, etc. Most of those regulations have been revised by Chinese government over the past two years to overhaul the chemical management in China.

Category Regulation(updated in Oct 2011)
New Chemical Substance
  • Order No. 7 - The Provisions on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances (2010)
  • Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported in China (IECSC) (updated in 2013).
Hazardous Chemicals
  • Decree 591 – The Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals(comes into force on 1 Dec 2011) - Main Law;
  • The Measures for the Administration of Operating Licenses for Hazardous Chemicals(revised in 2011);
  • The Measures for the Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals(revised in 2011);
  • The Measures for the Administration of Safe Use Permit for Hazardous Chemicals(new in 2011);
  • The Measures for the Administration of Standardization of Management of Hazardous Chemicals(released in Aug 2011)
  • The Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals(to be revised in 2013);
Classification, Labeling and SDS (China GHS)
  • GB 20576 ~ GB 20602-2006 – Safety rules for classification, precautionary labeling and precautionary statements of chemicals;
  • GB 13690-2009 - General rules for classification and hazard communication of chemicals;
  • GB 15258-2009 – General rules for preparation of precautionary label for chemicals;
  • GB 190-2009 - Packaging Labels for Dangerous goods;
  • GB/T 16483-2008 - Safety data sheet for chemical products: Content and order of sections.
Toxic Chemicals Restricted To Be Imported/Exported
  • Provisions on the First Import of Chemicals and the Import and Export of Toxic Chemicals (1994);
  • MEP Notice of Registration of the Import and Export of Toxic Chemicals in China (MEP [2009] 113);
  • List of toxic chemicals severely restricted to be imported into or exported from China(revised in 2011);
Narcotic Drugs
and Drug Precursors
  • Regulations for Administration of Precursors and Chemicals used in Production of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances(2005);
  • Catalogue of Classification and Types of Precursor Chemicals(2005);
Prohibited Chemicals
  • The Catalogue of Commodities Prohibited from Import (The 6th Batch) and the Catalogue of Commodities Prohibited from Export (The 3rd Batch);
Food Additives
  • Food Safety Law;
  • The Regulations for Implementation of Food Safety Law.
  • The Measures for The Administration of New Food Additives(revised in 2010) - Order No. 73 of MoH;
  • Administrative Measures for the Manufacture of Food Additivies - Order No. 123 of AQSIQ
  • GB 2760-2011 Food Safety National Standards for the Usage of Food Additives
  • GB 14880-2009 Food Safety National Standards for the Usage of Nutrition Enrichment
  • GB xxxx-xxxx Food Safety National Standards - General Rules for the Labeling of Food Additives(Draft)
  • GB 7718-2011 Food Safety National Standards - General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods
Pesticides, Biocides & Disinfectants
  • Regulation on Pesticide Administration (revised in 2012);
  • Enforcement Measures of the Regulation on Pesticide Administration( MOA Decree 9, 2007);
  • Data Requirement on Pesticide Registration(MOA Decree 010, 2007);
  • Measures for the Administration of Pesticide Labels and Manuals.
  • Measures on Disinfectant Administration issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2002;
  • Guidance on Application of Administrative Approval License of Disinfectants and Disinfecting Apparatuses (2006);
  • Administrative licensing procedure for health-related products(2006);
Cosmetics and Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Regulations concerning the hygiene supervision over cosmetics(1990);
  • Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Regulation on the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics(2005);
  • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics(2007)
  • The Measures for the Administration of Hygiene License for Cosmetics (revised in 2010);
  • Guideline for Risk Evaluation of Substances with Possibility of Safety Risk in Cosmetics(2010);
  • Standard Chinese Names of International Cosmetics Ingredients Inventory (2010);
  • Cosmetics Technical Requirement Standard(2011);
  • Guidelines for the Registration and Evaluation of New Cosmetic Ingredient(2011);
Occupational Exposure Limits & Protection
  • GBZ 2.1-2007 - Occupational exposure limits for hazardous agents in the workplace.
  • Regulation on the Labor Protection in Workplaces Handling Toxic Materials;
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • GB 6944-2012 - Classification and code of dangerous goods

  • Gb 12268-2012 -List of dangerous goods


About Us

Initially set up by China Inspection and Quarantine(CIQ) Bureau in 2007 to provide REACH compliance services to Chinese chemical industry, CIRS has grown to be a leading provider of comprehensive chemical compliance services for companies doing businesses in/with China.

Our services cover new substance notification, registration of the import and export of toxic chemicals, registration of hazardous chemicals, classification and labeling in according to China GHS, Chinese SDS, risk assessment of industrial chemicals, food additives and cosmetic ingredients. We provide one-stop solutions to your regulatory issues in China.We also deliver the most up-to-date regulatory information about chemical control laws in China.

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