China MEP Issues the Catalog of Priority Hazardous Chemicals for Environment Management.

10 April 2014, The Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection has issued the official Catalog of Priority Hazardous Chemicals (PHCs) for Environment Management. The catalog includes 84 hazardous chemical substances. 

The publication of the catalog will have a great impact on companies who produce those substances and companies who use those substances to manufacturer products.

According to the Measures for the Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (MEP Order 22), manufacturers of PHCs and companies who use PHCs to manufacture products in China shall submit an environmental administration registration to environmental protection authorities at provincial level and obtain a registration certificate.

In addition to registrations, companies shall fulfill the following two obligations:

  1.  Entrust qualified institutions to prepare an environmental risk assessment report and submit this report to authorities;
  2. Submit pollutant release & transfer register(PRTR) form and environmental risk management plans to environmental protection authorities at county level before 31st Jan of each calendar year, and carry out environment monitoring of hazardous chemicals and waste;


The Catalog of PHCs can be downloaded here. Companies can search those substances by Chinese name or CAS number.


Most of those substances are

1) Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals;

2) Chemicals manufactured in a large quantity and areas and those substances which may pose risks to human health or the environment;

3) Other environmentally hazardous chemicals that need to be managed for environmental protection( those substances listed in Stockholm Convention and Minamata convention on mercury)

More info about China MEP's order 22 can be found here.



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