Heavy Metals

In recent years, the US consumer products safety commission has witnessed numerous cases of non-compliance recalling due to the excess of heavy metals(especially lead content) in various products. Lead and other heavy metals such as Cadmium and Chromium, are closely linked to human’s daily life and are widely used in consumer products such as electronics, toys, children’s jewelry, packaging materials, food containers, ceramics, furniture, stationery, and metal attachments, etc. Excessive content of heavy metals in consumer products has an adverse impact on human health and environment. For example, lead can cause trouble to children’s intellectual development if accumulated in children’s blood.

In order to protect human health and reduce pollution of heavy metals to the environment, the international community has issued a series of safety standards to restrict and control the use of heavy metals in consumer products.

Heavy Metals and Toys

EU, USA, Japan, China and other countries have set the maximum allowable content of soluble heavy metals in toys and children's products.

Heavy Metals and RoHS

Global RoHS directive has restricted the use of heavy metals such as Cd, Cr6+, Pb and Hg in electronic and electrical products.

Heavy Metals and REACH

REACH has added Diarsenic pentaoxide, Diarsenic trioxide, Cobalt dichloride, Sodium chromate, Potassium chromate, Ammonium dichromate, Potassium dichromate into SVHC candidate list.


Our Heavy Metals Testing Services

CIRS offers heavy metals testing services in accordance with the latest requirements of your destination countries.

Besides heavy metals, your products might also contain other hazardous chemical substances.


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