Focus on Hot Topic in SMCR 2014

Original Article by Yixin Zhang from CIRS

Oct 16, Mr. Feng Liu, Deputy Director of Department of Inspection Supervision from Shanghai CIQ is going to speak on the topic as Latest Policies of Supervising Hazardous Chemicals in Shanghai Free Trade Zone at the 4th Shanghai Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in China, Korea and Japan - SMCR 2014.

In early March of 2014, Shanghai CIQ stated that there would be new policies to enhance the efficiency and transparency of government supervision in Free Trade Zone. New policies would grant individuals or third-party special procedure to establish legal agencies to identify goods within the Zone. Besides, Shanghai CIQ would take actions in risk assessment and management of different imported goods. In term of hazardous chemicals management, the authority shall new systems to govern those chemicals within the Zone, in order to simplify procedures and guarantee safety at the same time. The CIQ also declared they would cooperate with Shanghai State for Work Safety, Shanghai Maritime Affairs and Customs together to build a more effective and safer system for hazardous chemical in Free Trade Zone.

Half year has passed, companies are becoming very interested in the implementation of the new policies and whether there will be some updates through this half-year. In order to bring the delegates a close chance to communication with Shanghai CIQ, the SMCR 2014 has invited Mr Feng Liu to introduce the latest policies in hazardous chemical supervision in the Free Trade Zone. There will be also 40 minutes Q&A section for companies to interact with Mr. Liu.

Do not miss this great opportunity to directly speak with responsible person from Shanghai CIQ. More info about SMCR, please click here.

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