The Guidance Document for New Chemical Substance Notification in China Is Now being Amended

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It has been around 5 years since the Provision on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order No. 7) was implemented in 2010. What attracts public attention most is the revision of Guidance Document for New Chemical Substance Notification.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection Solid Waste and Chemical Management Center (MEP-SCC) is the main authority who will take the responsibilities in getting involved with different stakeholders, conducting surveys and communicate with representative agencies at the aim of promoting a scientific, rational and comprehensive revision. CIRS is one of the agencies to be invited by the MEP-SCC for public consultation.

July 9th 2014, CIRS attended the workshop on New Chemical Substance Notification in China held by MEP-SCC in Beijing. In the workshop, Mr. Yingxin Gao and Mrs. Lin Lu from MEP-SCC shared the latest updates of MEP Order No.7 in the workshop. CIRS actively participated in the discussion on detailing the application rules and requirements in the current guidance document and how to optimize the procedure of expert assessment on dossiers, which may enhance the transparency and efficiency of this procedure.

Hot topics such as: whether data requirements for toxicological and ecotoxicological studies (i.e. carcinogenic, chronic toxicity studies, toxicokinetics studies) will be increased, whether in silico data from QSAR and Read-across will be accepted by the authority or not, are going to be clearer in late 2014 or early 2015.

CIRS recommends you to pay attention to our latest news to follow up more updates of Guidance Document of New Chemical Notification in China.

NEW! Mrs. Lin Lu will also speak at the 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in China, Korea and Japan - SMCR 2014. Her speech will focus on the updates and interpretation of Guidance Document of New Chemical Substance under MEP Order No.7. On the occasion, attendees will have opportunities to exchange with related expertise face-to-face. More info can be found here.


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