Chemical Report Customizing

Market Research Report

Researching into the medium- and long-term development strategies of the products after the products entered the Chinese market, including the regulatory requirements in China, the current status of the industry, the outlook as wee as the current status and trend of government supervision.

Government Relations Report

Providing professional feedbacks or reports to enterprises based on the current hazardous chemicals management rules and regulations in China; Frequently communicating with industrial associations or governmental institutions and continuously give feedbacks to enterprises.

Supply Chain Compliance Report

Give an overview of the regulatory framework of the targeted countries/ regions, the competent authorities, the management requirements, etc.; Judge whether the substance is listed in the chemical inventories based on the specific products and the roles of the company in the supply chain; explain the obligations and responsibilities of companies during regulatory compliance process (such as registration, record, etc.) and give reasonable suggestions; timely update the reports after the chemical inventories/regulations updated; Carry out audits for the products and prepare third party compliance audit report.

The countries/regions cover: China, HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Russia), Switzerland, etc.     

Supply Chain Safety Report

Give an overview of the chemical regulations for hazardous chemicals/hazardous goods in China and the regulatory requirements; Judge the hazardous characteristics and classifications of hazardous chemicals/ goods; give compliance suggestions on import, transport, storage, disposal of hazardous chemicals; 

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