Food additives containing aluminum will be restricted and forbidden in China

Original Article by Mr David Wan

14 May 2014, The National Health and Family Planning Commission of People’s Republic of China (formerly the Ministry of Health) and other four administrative bodies have jointly published a Notice (NHFPC Notice number 8 of 2014) to restrict and forbid the usages of food additives containing aluminum in China.

This Notice will be implemented on 1 July 2014. Any products containing the following food additives, which have been produced before 1 July 2014, could be sold on the market until the end of their shelf life. Although the Notice did not indicate what the deadline for imported food is, we can expect that the food products containing these additives can be sold on the market before their shelf life provided that they were imported into China before 1 July 2014.


1. Sodium aluminium phosphate-acidic, sodium aluminosilicate and starch aluminum octenylsuccinate are forbidden to be produced, sold or used as food additives after 1 July 2014.


Chinese Name

English Name




sodium aluminium phosphate-acidic

Bulking Agent



sodium aluminosilicate

Anticaking Agent



starch aluminum octenylsuccinate

Thickener, Anticaking Agent, Emulsifier


2. The usage scopes and allowed dosages of aluminium potassium sulfate and aluminium ammonium sulfate in wheat flour and its product are significantly narrower than before.

Before Modification
(Category Number/ Food Name)

After Modification
(Category Number/ Food Name)

04.04  Bean product

04.04  Bean product General wheat flour

Forbidden Appropriative (e.g. self-leavening flour, flour for dumplings)

Forbidden  Fresh pastas and noodles and similar products (e.g. un-boiled noodles, and “skins” or crusts for dumplings, wontons, steamed pork dumplings)

Forbidden  Dried pastas and noodles and similar products

Forbidden  Fermented pastas and similar

Forbidden  Batters (e.g., for breading or batters for fish or poultry)  Batters (e.g. for breading or batters for fish or poultry)  Fried flour products  Fried flour products  Shrimp-flavored starch flakes  Shrimp-flavored starch flakes

07.0  Bakery food

07.0  Bakery food

09.0  Fish and fishery products, including mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms

09.0 Fish and fishery products, including mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms

16.06  Puffed food



3. Any food additives containing aluminum are forbidden to be added to puffed food.



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