Free Webinar: Emergency Listing and Registration of Disinfection Products in China during the Covid-19 Epidemic


Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia outbroke in China in late 2019, as a kind of important products that could cut off the transmission routes of infectious diseases, disinfection and sterilization products and other biocide products which can kill or eliminate pathogen microorganisms in vectors, are increasingly demanded in China. According to the online data of the e-commerce big data platform Magic Mirror, during the Chinese Spring Festival, the sales of bactericidal spray increased by 743%, the sales of antibacterial soap increased by 106%, disinfectant liquid increased by 602%, 84 liquid disinfectants increased by 917%, meanwhile the sales of related commodities including "disinfection", "sterilization" and "increase immunity" in the title of the products increased by 267%, 143%, 123% respectively. Online and offline household disinfectants, antibacterial and bacteriostatic hand wash, disinfecting wipes, hygiene wipes are all out of stock.

To deal with the shortage of disinfectant products, on February 4, 2020, the National Health Commission of the PRC issued the Notice on Emergency Listing of Some Disinfectants during the Prevention and Control Period of COVID-19, stipulating that some disinfectants could apply for emergency listing without registration if they met the relevant requirements.

In this context, domestic and foreign enterprises are interested in entering the Chinese market for disinfection products, but which kind of disinfection products can apply for emergency listing? What are the data and process requirements for the emergency listing? How should disinfection products that do not meet the requirements of emergency listing be put on the market? What should be paid attention to in label and claim of the disinfection products after listing? This webinar will introduce and interpret the issues concerned by the companies one by one.




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March 6, 2020

12:00 – 13:00

Vivian Tang

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Main Contents

  • Classfication of disinfection products in China and regulations introduction
  • How to apply for emergency listing for disinfectants?
  • Regulatory requirements for imported and domestic disinfection products which do not meet the requirements of emergency listing, including the import, manufacturing, registration, sales and etc.
  • Analysis of issues on claims and precautions of disinfection product labels


Vivian Tang, Manager of Biocides Regulatory Affairs Department

Ms. Vivian Tang obtained her master degree in plant protection from Zhejiang University. In 2014, she joined CIRS and mainly focuses on regulations of pesticides and household chemicals, like detergents, disinfection products and sanitary products etc. Vivian has helped several famous consumer product enterprises to deal with compliance issues


12:00-13:00 6 March 2020

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