Alexey Mantsev


Alexey Mantsev graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2016 with a bachelor degree in financial management. His education was focused on IT technologies for micro and macroeconomics. In 2017 after mandatory one-year military service, Alexey has joined ANO ESC "EAST".
Alexey has been working with information technologies in the field of REACH regulation, such as compiling, updating and supporting dossiers in IUCLID 6 and working with REACH-IT in particular. Since 2019, with the beginning of the implementation stages a new technical regulation 041/2017 in the Eurasian Economic Union "On the safety of chemical products", he joined the team in order to deal with the organization and support of foreign companies on compliance with the requirements of the new regulation, in particular, the first stage of coming of the regulation into force - Inventory of chemicals in Russian Federation.