PPORD Notification

What is PPORD notification?

Article 3(22) of REACH outlines that ‘product and process orientated research and development'(PPORD) means any scientific development related to product development or the further development of a substance, on its own, in preparations or in articles in the course of which pilot plant or production trials are used to develop the productions process and/or to test the fields of application.

Substances used for the purpose of PPORD will be exempted from REACH registration for 5 years. However, companies shall submit PPORD notifications to ECHA.

PPORD notification: what information is required?

Article 9(2) of REACH outlines that the following information is required for a PPORD notification:

  • the identity of the manufacturer or importer;
  • the identity of the substance;
  • the classification of the substance;
  • the estimated quantities;
  • the list of customers (including names and addresses).

PPORD notification: typical process

To complete PPORD notification, a dossier needs to be made by software called IUCLID 5 and submitted to the European Chemical Agency for evaluation. In order to complete this process the following typical steps need to be carried out:

  • Create the legal entities of the PPORD notifier and its customers;
  • Create the reference substances related to the PPORD substances;
  • Create the substance dataset for the PPORD substance;
  • Create the PPORD notification dossier;
  • Export the PPORD dossier from IUCLID 5 and submit dossier to ECHA via REACH-IT;
  • ECHA will undertake a completeness check of the dossier;
  • ECHA provides a notification number once PPORD fee has been received and dossier has passed TCC (technical completeness check).

PPROD notification: how much does it cost?

The total registration costs mainly consist of twoparts:

  1. Consultancy fees paid to consultancy firms to advise the whole PPORD notification process, gather data and prepare notification dossier in iuclid 5. CIRS usually charges 1,000 to 3,000 Euros for this service depending on the number of substances and the complexity of the substance.

  2. ECHA fees paid to European Chemical Agency. The fee is dependent on the size of the company. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) enjoy discounts on ECHA fees (Euros).
















SME criteria is listed as below:

REACH Registration Fee SME


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