CFDA to Simplify Record-keeping Requirements and are to Remove Compulsory Animal Test requirement for Non-special Use Cosmetics Produced in China

5 Nov 2013, CFDA issued a public notice inviting public comments on the adjustment of record-keeping management of non-special use cosmetics in China. The notice intends to simplify record-keeping requirements and remove compulsory animal test requirements for non-special use cosmetics made in China.

There are three major changes:

  • For domestic non-special use cosmetics, companies need to conduct online record-keeping from 1st Jun 2014. The provincial food and drug authority will no longer issue record-keeping certificates for approved domestic non-special use cosmetics. The record-keeping requirements will be reduced while post-market supervision will be strengthened.
  • Cosmetics with skin-whitening and skin pigmentation reduction claims will be classified as special use cosmetics (anti-freckle category) from 1st Jan 2015. The whitening cosmetics produced before 1st Jan 2015 can be sold until the end of their shelf life;
  • For imported non-special use cosmetics, provincial food and drug authorities can undertake responsibilities of the administrative approval of imported cosmetics from 30 June 2014 after receiving confirmations and unified training from the State Food and Drug Administration in Beijing.

CIRS’ Comments

The most dramatic change is that there is one provision in the notice stating that if manufacturers have the capabilities to conduct their own safety assessment of ingredients to ensure the safety of finished cosmetic products, toxicology tests on finished products can be waived. This provision is applicable to non-special use cosmetics produced in China. It is not clear if it is also going to be applicable to imported non-special use cosmetics in the future.

For many foreign cosmetic brands who wish to enter the Chinese market while avoiding animal test during CFDA approval process, there may be a way forward for them to achieve both: finding a toll manufacturer to manufacture their cosmetic products locally in China.

For many local cosmetic companies that do not have sufficient safety assessment capabilities, carrying out toxicology test is easier to do.

For more info about the new record-keeping requirements, please click here.


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