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CLP Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006

CLP stands for the Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures. CLP introduces the United Nations globally harmonized system (UN GHS) for classification and labeling of chemicals into Europe. CLP entered into force on 20th January 2009.

There are many different systems for classifying and labeling chemicals in the world, which causes confusion, potential errors and misunderstandings among workers and consumers alike. This was primarily due to exposure to differing forms of labeling and safety data sheets in different countries. Thus, the United Nations developed a Globally Harmonized System for the classification and labeling of chemicals, known as GHS. As an international agreement GHS is non-legally binding in Europe, therefore the GHS criteria was introduced into Europe via CLP.

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NEW! The 4th revised version of UN GHS was released on 8 Sept 2011. CIRS has summarized the differences between the 4th revised UN GHS, CLP regulation and China GHS. For more info, please click here.

The Transitional Period of CLP Regulation

The CLP Regulation will replace Dangerous Substances Directive 67/548/EEC (DSD) and Dangerous Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC (DPD) in a stepwise approach during a transitional period. On 1 June 2015, both directives will be fully repealed.

For example, before 1 Dec 2010, a substance shall be classified according to DSD. CLP classification is optional.

Between 1 Dec 2010 and 1 June 2015, a substance shall be classified according to both DSD and CLP. Both classification shall be given in Safety Data Sheet and communicated down the supply chain.

After 1 June 2015, a substance shall only be classified according to CLP.

CLP regulation deadline

How to Comply with CLP Regulation

The CLP Regulation, Article 46, on Enforcement and Reporting, states that “Member States shall take all necessary measures, including maintaining a system of official controls, to ensure that substances and mixtures are not placed on the market, unless they have been classified, labelled, notified and packaged in accordance with this Regulation”.

Generally speaking, companies shall classify substances or mixtures, submit C&L notifications to ECHA, and label and package their products in accordance with the CLP regulation. CLP compliant Safety Data Sheet containing the CLP classification and labelling shall also be prepared and communicated to downstream users.

However, not all chemical companies are required to do all above four things to achieve CLP compliance. Click here for find out what your obligations are under CLP.

Note : The most urgent thing for companies to do at the moment is to submit C&L notifications to ECHA because the deadline is 3 Jan 2011. ECHA has indicated in its FAQs that if you missed C&L notification deadline, you shall notify without any delay to avoid legal penalties. You can avail of our CLP notification service by using our application form.

Note 2: Polymer is not exempt under CLP. More info about how polymers are regulated under REACH & CLP can be found here.

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How can we assist you in complying with CLP?

We provide end-to-end solutions to CLP compliance. We can help you classify your substances and mixtures according to CLP, notify the classification and labeling of your products to the C&L Inventory, prepare CLP compliant labels and the latest Safety Data Sheets.

Even though there are many guidance documents on how to prepare CLP compliant label, it is much easier and less time-consuming for you to outsource this job to us.

  • Regulatory advice on the implications of CLP and REACH for your company;
  • Re-classification and re-labeling of your substances or mixtures;
  • Preparation of CLP compliant labels;
  • Notification to the Classification & Labeling Inventory (C&L notification);
  • New Safety Data Sheets in accordance with CLP & REACH;

About CIRS

CIRS a leading provider of comprehensive chemical compliance services for companies doing businesses in/with EU and China with a strong focus on chemical compliance.

With a strong presence in EU and China, CIRS has provided cost-effective regulatory support to over 3,000 companies while doing businesses in both the EU and China.

CIRS is the largest REACH only representative in the world. Since 2007, we have:

  • pre-registered over 10,000 substances;
  • acted as only representative for over 2,400 non-EU companies;
  • served clients in more than 25 countries;
  • registered over 145 substances to date;
  • prepared over 1000 REACH SDS and CLP labels to date;
  • submitted over 500 C&L Notifications to date;

CIRS is a recommended service provider by China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the US Mission to the EU and IDA. CIRS is also a member of Helsinki REACH Centre.


CIRS also offer CLP compliance package price (notification+SDS+label) from 300 Euros per substance. We also prepare Chinese MSDS and label in accordance with China GHS.

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