Important Deadlines for REACH Registration & PPORD Extension Coming

8 March 2013, As the 31st of May 2013 deadline for REACH registration approaches, companies are urged to determine the security of supply of the substances they are involved with. According to the ECHA, registrations for over 3,000 substances are expected to be submitted by the end of May. Meanwhile, however, a list of over 700 substances has been compiled for which no lead registrant has been nominated or appointed and as such, may be at risk of disappearing from the market. It is recommended that companies involved with substances in quantities above 100 t/a check to neither ensure their substances are nor present on that list.

The full list can be accessed using the following link:
If your substance is on the list, as downstream users should contact your suppliers while as a manufacturer or importer, you should contact your SIEF members as soon as possible to determine their intentions for the upcoming deadline.

Substances manufactured or imported in quantities over 1 tonne per annum and which are used in research or innovation and have been exempted from REACH as a result of PPORD (Product and Process Oriented Research and Development) may be due to apply for an extension to their exemption in the coming months. To benefit from an extension to the initial five-year exemption period, companies that submitted a PPORD Notification in 2008 and that wish for an extension, must submit a request to ECHA at least four months before the expiry date of the original exemption.

CIRS can provide advice and consultation on the best steps to meet the 2013 deadline or apply for PPORD extensions, including free cost estimations for your product portfolio. For more information, please contact

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