China publishes draft national standards on chemical reagent packaging and labeling

27 April 2012, The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) has published a draft national standard (GB 15346-201x) on chemical reagent packaging and labeling. The standard is expected to replace GB 15346-1994. In general, China GHS national standards also apply to SDSs and labels for chemical reagents. However there are extra labeling and packaging requirements for chemical reagents.

Some of the main extra requirements are listed as follows:

  • Molecular weight, molecular formula, grade, technical specification, net content, date of manufacture and shelf-life is also required for product label in addition to regular requirements of GB 13690;
  • The color of the label changes with the grade of chemical reagent;
  • Product name, technical specification, units, gross weight, size of outer package, date of manufacture, chemical label or transport label are required on the outer package;


The draft standard can be downloaded here.

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