China has repealed the registration requirements of some disinfectant and disinfection devices.

31 July 2013, The National Health and Family Planning Commission of People’s Republic of China (formerly the Ministry of Health) has published its notice No. 1[2013] to repeal the registration requirements of some disinfectant and disinfection devices. From now on, only “new” disinfectant or disinfection devices that utilize new materials, new technological process or new sterilizing mechanisms require administrative approval prior to being placed on Chinese market.

However, the repeal of administrative approval does not mean that suppliers of disinfectants and disinfecting apparatus do not need to do anything before they market their products in china. According to a source from a competent department, the new rules on disinfectant and disinfecting apparatus will be released in the near future. We expect that the safety evaluation of disinfectant and disinfecting apparatus would be required prior to marketing which means that there will be relevant testing requirements and label requirements.

Besides, the notice has not explained how to determine “new” disinfectant and “new” disinfecting apparatus in more details. If you are not sure whether your product will be considered as “new”, or “existing”, please wait for the new rules to be released by the competent department.


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