Food Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Regulatory Compliance Guide to Sport Nutrition Food Exportation to China

Time : 30 October 2019
Location : China
Lang. : English, Chinese, Japanese
Cost : Free
Sports nutrition food has been growing in China at over 40% for the last few years and is conservatively estimated to be worth over 200 million USD. More and more foreign food companies show their interests in this promising market and planning to export their sport nutrition food to China. However, here come the questions: What is the definition of sport nutrition food in China? What are regulations for sport nutrition food in China? What shall companies do to export the sport nutrition food to China legally? This webinar will answer those questions and explain in detail about the regulatory compliance process for sport nutrition food.
Chemical Summit

Asian Helsinki Chemical Forum&the 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific

Time : 24 October 2019
Location : China Shanghai
Lang. : English, Chinese
Cost : 600/650 Euro
Asian Helsinki Chemical Forum and the 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific (HCF&SMCR 2019) will be held in Shanghai on 24th -25th October 2019 as a merged conference. The Asian HCF will be a shorter version of the 2019 HCF taking place in Helsinki on 23rd-24th May with high-level keynote speeches and open debate among speakers and public on hot topics in chemicals regulation globally. The three topics will be taken from the five presented in Helsinki as they are equally relevant to Asia. The compositions of the panels and the audience will be different so that the content and conclusions will be suitable and unique to the Asian context.

HCF&SMCR 2019 also will invite government officials and company regulatory experts from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia to make presentations on updated chemical regulations and compliance issues in those countries.
Chemical Seminar

EU-Asia Chemical Regulations Conference – Dublin

Time : 26 September 2019
Location : Ireland
Lang. : English
Cost : 350/200 Euro
The ‘EU-Asia Chemical Regulations Conference - Dublin’ organized by CIRS will be scheduled on 26th September in Dublin. Experts from CIRS Ireland, CIRS Group Korea together with Irish & British chemical safety authorities will bring you the latest chemical regulations and management measures in China, Korea and Europe, as well as practical compliance solutions.
Food Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Guideline on Health Food Exportation to China and Latest China Regulations on Food Supplements and Ingredients

Time : 10 September 2019
Location : China
Lang. : English, Chinese, Japanese
Cost : Free

In recent years, great changes have been made to the implementation and supervision mode of Health food regulations. As China is the largest and fastest growing health food market in the world, challenges and opportunities of imported health food arise with these changes.

Under this circumstance, CIRS Food Technical Team prepared a guideline on health food exportation to China, which focuses on the updates of health food regulations in China, the supervisory mechanisms as well as the future trends and gives an in-depth interpretation to the health food policies, the supervision on health food in China as well as the impacts on enterprises.

Chemical Webinar

Free Webinar: Recent Changes to China REACH and the Impact on Registration of New Substances

Time : 30 August 2019
Location : China
Lang. : English, Japanese, Chinese
Cost : Free
On Jul 9th, China MEE has drafted the amended Provisions on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances (MEP Decree No. 7) for public consultation, which is also known as China REACH. The webinar will introduce what’s new in the draft and what are the impacts to the industries.