Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Summary of Topics regarding International Cosmetic Regulations in SCRA 2018

Time : 16 July 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English, Chinese
Cost : Free

On 21st and 22nd June 2018, China Association for Consumer Product Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP) and CIRS Group jointly host the 4th Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia-Pacific (SCRA 2018) in Hangzhou city. The program of first day is for China cosmetic regulations. And the second day is for international regulations. This webinar will summarize the main contents of topics in the second day of summit. The topics will cover:

  • Current Status and Outlook of European Cosmetics Regulation
  • Overview of the Regulation of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the U.S.
  • Japanese Cosmetic Market and Regulation
  • Regulatory Requirements of Cosmetic Raw Materials in China
  • Placing a cosmetic ingredient on the EU market
  • Management Requirements on Cosmetic Raw Materials in the US
  • IFS Management-Global Safety and Quality Standards
Chemical Webinar

Free Webinar: Best Practices for REACH COMPLIANCE if Your Company has Missed the Deadline

Time : 10 July 2018
Location : Ireland
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
- In this webinar we will talk about what your company can do to become reach compliant if you have missed the deadline, and you still want to import your chemicals into the EU.
- We talk about some practical solutions for getting your company REACH compliant, and discuss with an ECA official what developments there have been since the REACH deadline, and what's next on the horizon in regards to REACH and the EU Chemical industry as a whole.
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Untangling China REACH (New Chemical Substance Notification)

Time : 6 July 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
Commonly known as China REACH and promulgated by Ministry of Environmental Protection on Oct 15, 2010, the New Chemical Substance Notification (NCSN) has been one of the hardest and most complicated local chemical regulations to comply with. Despite its similarities with EU REACH, the realities of language barrier, management capacity, environment and governmental structures can all become weighted factors to contribute the complication of China REACH. Therefore, the procedures, guidelines and standards, as a result, become burdensome and ambiguous. In fact, it can be recognized by the stats that China REACH is changing gradually to reduce the cons mentioned above. In this webinar, pain spots shared by oversea exporters and practical solution will be pointed out.
Food Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: How to Get New Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN) in China

Time : 28 June 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
In accordance with Food Safety Law of the people’s Republic of China, companies who plan to use new substances (including new food contact resins and new food contact additives) or enlarge usage scope of existing food contact materials or products on Chinese market shall submit related safety assessment material to National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China (former NHFPC). In order to help companies to get the FCN in China successfully, this Webinar will focus on the interpretation of the notification procedures, required dossiers, testing, toxicological information, duration, etc.
Cosmetic Summit

The 4th Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia-Pacific

Time : 21 June 2018
Location : Hangzhou, China
Lang. : Chinese, English
Cost : 3600RMB/ Person

In order to help enterprises have an in-depth understanding of supervisory policies of cosmetics and their raw materials in the Europe Union, the United State and Asia-Pacific, and promote the communication on safety management for cosmetic products, China Association for Consumer Product Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP) and Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service (CIRS) jointly host the 4th Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia-Pacific on 21-22 June 2018.