The Safe Production Committee of the State Council (SPC-SC) Issued an Official Notice: the Work Plan for Specific Project of Administration of Illegal Transport of Hazardous Chemicals

Original Article by MS. Grace Chen from CIRS

The office of SPC-SC published a notice on September 16th 2014 on the work plan for administration of illegal transport of hazardous chemicals. This notification was issued under the deployment of SPC-SC and formulated jointly by 6 departments (Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision and SAWS ).

Having learnt hard lessons from 3•1 and 7•19 accidents (extraordinarily serious traffic accidents caused by illegal transport of hazardous chemicals), the Chinese government paid highly attention to the transport of hazardous chemicals, and started an intensive administration from September to December this year to crack down on relevant illegal behaviors.

The main purposes of this specific project are to investigate and prevent illegal transport of hazardous chemicals, to standardize relevant market order and to strengthen the sense of responsibility of related aspects. Departments at all levels are required to put emphasizes on the following terms:

  • To investigate the illegal consignors of hazardous chemicals;
  • To strictly punish the unlawful carriers of hazardous chemicals;
  • To clean out Illegal vehicles used to transport hazardous chemicals;
  • To crack down on all illegal behaviors of transporting hazardous chemicals.

The effect of this project was required to report to higher level of authorities every week for the supervision.

To this specific project, related departments seemed to have deeper determination than previous time, revolting to clean out unlawful hazardous chemicals’ transporting cases as many as possible. If you have any questions about relevant affairs, please feel free to send emails to CIRS: We would be pleased to help you out.


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