A big mistake made by ECHA about SVHC notification deadline?

14 April 2011

ECHA might have made a big mistake about SVHC notification deadline. Is 1 June 2011 the deadline for SVHC notification or the starting point for SVHC notification?

On 13 April 2011, ECHA released a press release urging companies to notify certain Substances of Very High Concern in articles not later than 1 June 2011. Orginal quote is listed as follows:

"Companies will have to notify ECHA of the presence of such a substance in their articles not later than 6 months after the inclusion of such a substance in the Candidate List. For those substances included in the Candidate List by 1 December 2010, the relevant notifications have to be submitted not later than 1 June 2011. "

However, in its guidance document, ECHA says:

"A notification of substances in articles shall be made at the latest 6 months after it has been included on the candidate list of substances for authorisation, but only starting from 1 June 2011. "


What is New?

ECHA has recently clarified that companies will have to notify not later than 6 months after the inclusion of the substance in the Candidate List. Notifications for substances included before 1 December 2010 have to be submitted by 1st June 2011. For all other substances on the candidate list the deadline applies 6 months after their inclusion on the Candidate List


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