Chinese MEP is going to hold the 2nd workshop on environmental risk assessment

Article by Yixin from CIRS

August 25-29 2014, MEP will hold 2nd national workshop on environmental risk assessment. In order to better implement the Measures for Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (MEP Order No.22), especially the registration for Priority Hazardous Chemicals of Environmental Management (PHCs), the MEP is planning relevant courses and workshops to educate professionals to work on environmental risk assessment.

According to MEP Order No.22, companies who manufacture chemicals listed in the Catalog of PHCs or use those chemicals to manufacture products in China must appoint qualified third-party agencies to compile risk assessment report. The standard for third party agencies is that certain number of professionals from the third party should attend the workshop and pass exams. MEP will issue certificate for the professionals and recommends outstanding third-party to industries. Experts from CIRS attended the first workshop in late June. MEP is planning to have more courses like this to standardize the process of risk assessment of PHCs.

This is a sign that environmental issues will draw much more attentions from the Chinese authorities than before. The supervision of the relevant regulation is going to be stricter from county to national level.


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