Breaking News: Amending Safety Production Law was promulgated by President Xi Jinping, 31 August, 2014

Original Article by Yixin Zhang

According to Xinhua News, the revised Safe Production Law was promulgated by the president Xi Jinping at Twelfth session of the tenth the Standing Committee meeting on 31st August 2014, Beijing. This is the first and biggest revision of Safety Production Law in China in the late 12 years, since the old law was passed in 2002.

This revised law will come into force on Dec 1 2014. Compared with the old law in 2002, more than 52 articles have been revised including specific changes, adding and deleting articles. In the revised law, punishments to the industries which violated the law will be increased. The penalty fee will range from 200,000 to 20 million RMB, depending on the infringement degree. The amended law regulates more duties of the county level safety administration bureaus, in order to prevent accidents caused by dangerous chemical production and mining industries near small towns or areas.

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