Chemical Webinar

2020 CIRS Training Courses: Global GHS

Time : 1 July 2020
Location : Global
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
CIRS has always held regular training events in order to provide our Clients, Partners and members of the Regulatory Sector, with the most up to date knowledge and changes to the ever-expanding field of international regulations. Some of our previous events include SMCR, HCF Asia conference and Dublin Conference as well as hosting a number of on-site training days with a number of our clients. However, this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have been unable to provide this training in the usual face to face manner. As such CIRS is proud to announce a series of training webinars on Global GHS regulations available to our Clients and our regulatory network.
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Interpretation of Revised Version of China's New Chemical Substance Environmental Management Measures

Time : 29 May 2020
Location : China
Lang. : English, Chinese, Japanese
Cost : Free
On April 29, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment promulgated the revised "Measures for the Registration of Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances" (Ministry of Ecology and Environment Order No. 12), which will take effect on January 1, 2021. The New Chemical Substances Environmental Management Measures (Ministry of Environmental Protection Order No. 7) shall be repealed at the same time. This webinar will provide a detailed interpretation on this revised version
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Korea ARECs (K-REACH) Regulation Update and Joint Registration Introduction

Time : 17 March 2020
Location : Korea
Lang. : English, Chinese
Cost : Free

On January 1, 2019, The Act Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals, referred to as the chemical evaluation regulation, that is, the Korean K-REACH amendment was officially implemented. The revised regulations require that new chemical substances should be registered or notified before production or import; existing chemical substances (non-PEC substances) need to be registered when the production or import volume exceeds 1 ton / year.

This training session focuses on the joint registration process for existing substances. Help companies understand how to fulfill their full registration obligations after completing pre- or late pre-registration. At the same time, it will introduce the operation of the registration consortium, data sharing, and how to choose the registration role of the enterprise.

Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: EAEU Chemical Inventory Updates

Time : 12 March 2020
Location : Russia
Lang. : English, Chinese. Japanese
Cost : Free
In this webinar, the inventory of existing chemicals in The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, is discussed, highlighting who should notify and the submission information required for successful notification. The latest updates regarding the impending implementation of the new chemical management system – Technical Regulation 041/2017 (Eurasia REACH) are also shared. The deadline for submission into the inventory of existing chemicals is currently May 2020 after which new chemical registration will be required.
Chemical Seminar

CIRS Is Invited to Speak at Plastics Regulations 2020

Time : 11 March 2020
Location : Pullman Cologne, Cologne, Germany
Lang. : English
Cost : Please check at official website
CIRS Group is invited to talk about ‘How to register the new food contact plastic resin and additive in China’ on Plastics Regulations Cologne 2020. This is the 4th session of Plastics regulations Europe. This conference offers the unique opportunity to meet a range of legal and regulatory experts to discuss the most important issues facing the industry. The expert speakers will discuss the implications of the framework review, food safety regulations and how to remain compliant.