About the Host

CIRS is a leading provider of regulatory consulting and testing services with a strong focus on chemical compliance. With a strong presence in EU and China, CIRS has provided cost-effective regulatory support and testing services to over 3,000 companies while doing businesses in both the EU and China.

CIRS is the largest REACH only representative in the world. Since 2007, we have:

  • pre-registered over 10,000 substances;
  • acted as only representative for over 2,400 non-EU companies;
  • served clients in more than 25 countries;
  • registered over 60 substances to date;
  • prepared over 600 REACH SDS to date;
  • submitted over 500 C& Notifications to date;
  • completed the first Chemical Safety Report in China;
  • completed the first registration of phase-in substance in China;
  • completed the first registration of non-phase in substance in China.

CIRS is a recommended service provider by China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the US Mission to the EU and IDA. CIRS is also a member of Helsinki REACH Centre.

Who choose us?

Initially set up by China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, CIRS has a strong presence in China and close links with Chinese Government Agencies including the Chemical Registration Center and state testing laboratories such as Shanghai Environmental Academy of Sciences and Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Center. As the largest REACH only representative in the world, our expertise with REACH has given us extra advantages of using non-testing method to generate data and minimize costs for new chemical notification in China.

CIRS China has all the qualifications of being a local agent (registered capital, expertise, etc) for China REACH. We also provide regulatory advice on China GHS/MSDS. We will be happy to provide assistance if you need our advice for chemical compliance in China.


  • China Office, Eric.Xiong (at) cirs.ie, +86 571 8720 6504
  • Ireland Office, louise (at) cirs.ie, +353 41 9806916