Paperless certificate for exporting dairy products from the Netherlands to China has been applied in Shanghai port for the first time

Original Article by MS. Alice Yang from CIRS

According to the Administrative Measures for Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food (AQSIQ Decree No.145), any overseas manufactures of imported dairy products, aquatic products and meats are required to register with AQSIQ before exporting their products into China market. Besides, relevant documents including certificates should be provided to local CIQ during inspection declaration.

27 August 2014, Shanghai CIQ has released a batch of exported dairy products from the Netherlands to China directly after checking the paperless veterinary-sanitary certificate online. It was the first time that China CIQ handles the international import-export food trading with paperless official inspection and quarantine certificate.

Compared to traditional paper certificates, electronic certificates could not only help to improve work efficiency but also detect false claims in time. For enterprises, checking certificates online could greatly reduce the cost and the risk of rejection by China CIQ. Furthermore, it also can save Custom clearance time for half-day or a day.

It said that China AQSIQ has come to an agreement with official institutions of Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands for establishing the official inspection and quarantine electronic certificate review mechanism. Meanwhile, China AQSIQ has conducted cooperation exchanges regarding electronic certificate with Singapore, Chile, Iran, Egypt, Belgium, France, etc. Paperless certificates would be more widely applied in the next few years.

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