Hazardous Chemical Management Regulations in China (2016)

Updated on 17 November 2016


We listed the Management Regulations of Hazardous Chemical in China as follows. Please ensure your enterprise leader, sale manager, EHS manager and employees are all well aware of these Regulations to avoid any hazardous chemical accidents in China. 

China Hazardous Chemical Management Regulations 
(updated by David on 19 July 2016)

Regulations Index Chinese Title English Title
The State Council Decree No.591 危险化学品安全管理条例 Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China
China Hazardous Chemical Inventory 2015 危险化学品名录(2015)发布公告 Hazardous Chemical Inventory 2015 Notice
Implementing Guidance (Trial) for the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2015)


Harmonized classification of Hazardous chemicals in China (CN)_Download

Implementing Guidance (Trial) for the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2015)
SAWS Order No.41 危险化学品生产企业安全生产许可证实施办法 Measures for Implementation of Work Safety Licenses of Hazardous Chemical Production Enterprises
SAWS Order NO.53 危险化学品登记管理办法 Measures for The Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals
SAWS Order NO.55 危险化学品经营许可证管理办法 Measures for the Administration of Operating Licenses for Hazardous Chemicals
SAWS Order NO.57 危险化学品安全使用许可证实施办法 Measures for the Implementation of the Permits for the Safe Use of Hazardous Chemicals
MEP Order NO.22


Has been removed by MEP Decree No. 40, for more information, please cleck here.

The Measures for Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals
SAWS Order No.40 危险化学品重大危险源监督管理暂行规定 Interim Provisions on the Supervision and Management of Major Hazards of Dangerous Chemicals
SAWS Order No.60
Measures for the Administration of Identification and Classification of Physical Hazards of Chemicals

SAWS: The State Administration of Worker Safety, reporting to the State Council, is the non-ministerial agency of the Government of the People's Republic of China responsible for the regulation of risks to occupational safety and health in China.

Enterprises Obligations under China Hazardous Chemical Management Regulations
(Updated by David on 20 August 2015)

All Chemicals SDS and Label Hazardous Chemical Registration Production license, safe use permit, operating license Safety Evaluation Report per three years
Chemicals with China GHS Classification Hazardous Chemicals (Chemicals with Hazardous GHS Classifications) Inventory 2828 Entries
Mixture components listed in 2828 Entries and no less than 70%

Mixture Components listed in 2828 Entries and less than 70%

Note No. A ×
Classification meets the criteria

Chemicals with other/non-hazardous GHS classifications × × × ×
Chemicals without China GHS Classification × × × ×

Note No. A: Product with hazardous classification shall do the hazardous chemical registration. If there is no hazardous classifcation, hazardous chemical registration will be not necessary even components listed in 2828 Entires and less then 70%.

For mixture compositions listed in 2828 entries and less than 70%, companies could determine the classification by themselves. However, those classification identification should be based on testing data, study report and bridging principle under GB 30000. 

Classification Information of Hazardous Chemical in China

Guidance on implementation of Hazardous Chemical Inventory has been published by SAWS on 19 August 2015. For original Notice, please click here. Harmonised Classification information of Hazardous Chemical in China has also been provided along with this Notice. Please click here to download.

Inspection of Hazardous Chemicals for Import & Export in China

Hazardous chemicals for import & export will be inspected in the following three aspects after they apply for inspection:

1.     Whether the product name and the hazard classification labeled in the package of the product are consistent with that recorded in the inspection materials;

Whether the constituents of the product are consistent with that recorded in the inspection materials;

Whether the physical and chemical properties of the product are consistent with that recorded in the inspection materials; and,

Whether the quality, quantity and weight of the products meet the requirements of safety, hygienic, health, environmental protection and fraud preventing.

2.     Whether the manufacturer/supplier and products information of the enclosed Chinese safety data sheets are true, complete, valid and are consistent with that recorded in the inspection material (Chinese safety data sheets can be made by reference to GB/T 16483-2008); and,

Whether the safety information is complete, accurate and contains at least 16 items of product basic information.

3.      Whether the precautionary label is affixed to, attached to, or printed onto the visible place of the packaging in accordance with the requirements of GB15258-2009;

Labels shall be true, accurate and must contain some basic elements including product identification, pictogram, signal word, hazard statement, precautionary statement, etc.

As there are no written requirements specifying when Chinese labels shall be attached, enterprises only need to ensure that labels are attached before inspection. Enterprises may either attach both Chinese and English labels before import (at the place of export) or attach temporary Chinese labels before inspection. We helped our customers complete inspection in both of the situations in different ports. As long as contents of labels are in compliance with national standards, both of the two methods are valid.

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