Taiwan Released the Draft Registration Methods for New and Existing Chemical Substances for Public Comments


Taiwan’s EPA has released the draft registration methods for new and existing chemical substances for public comments. The comment period lasts 60 days, from 31 March to 29 May.

Significant changes have been made to the registration methods: over 15 of the 31 articles have been altered. It is the first comprehensive rewrite of the Regulations since they were promulgated in December 2014.

The revisions mainly include:

1. Administrative simplifications, including the replacement of approval documents with registration numbers;

2. Approved registrants of new or existing chemical substances will be obliged to provide the annual volume of the manufactured/imported substances between 1 April and 30 Sep. of the following year from 1 January 2019;

3. Applicants objecting to the outcome of their application will be able to file written appeals within 30 days of receiving notification;

4. Draft list of 106 priority existing chemical substances (PECs) subject to Taiwan’s standard registration of existing chemical substances.

Registrants, who manufacture or import any of the Pecs, shall submit standard registration in accordance with the draft registration methods.

Originally, the list contained 122 substances. Substances removed from the list may be listed in the second Pec list, which is scheduled for released in 2021.

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