The 2nd Season Global GHS Course (2021)



Last year, the CIRS group successfully held the “2020 CIRS Training Course: Global GHS ‘’.

With further regulation updates and even more requests from our clients this year, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Season of the Global GHS Course 2021 which will start in June of this year.

Who Should Attend?

- Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Professionals

- Purchasing or Sourcing Managers - Chemicals

- EHS Professionals and Consultants

- MSDS Author and Hazard Communication Officers

- Product Registration Specialists

- Import/Export Managers - Chemicals

Introduction to the Series

This series of GHS courses are organized by Mr. David Wan, the Managing Director of CIRS Europe. Information correctness and completeness is guided by Cloris Pan, the Leader of the CIRS GHS Team.

This training course includes both webinars and related articles. The webinars will be mainly provided by the CIRS Europe team. It is also our honor to invite our partner Chemleg, based in Turkey, to introduce Turkish GHS and the latest updates of KKDIK registration. The topics covered in this series will be tailored to a broad range of markets including the EU, UK, Turkey, South Korea, and China.

For every topic, a specific article will be posted after each webinar is finished.

Time: Every Wednesday from 23 June to 21 July 2021, 14:00pm (GMT+1)/9:00am (PST).

Access: Upon registration you will receive an automatic email with access to the portal. You will also receive the link before the webinar starts, by clicking that link, you will automatically join the webinar. Please note that space is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.

Training course schedule:

Time (GMT+1)

Topic and Speaker



14:00 pm

23 June

Serial Webinar Opening & Latest Updates of EU & UK CLP

Mr. Dean Winder

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  • Regulations governing EU CLP
  • SDS Requirements
  • Label Requirements
  • The latest and future updates in EU and UK

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30 June

CLP Compliance in retail supply chain

Mr. Bryan Zhou

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  • Background of CLP
  • Products categories under CLP scope
  • Key terms of CLP compliance review
  • Practical case analysis

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14:00 pm

7 July

Introduction of Turkey GHS and KKDIK Updates

Ms. Elif Koç, Mr. Gökhan ARDIÇ

  • Introduction of Turkey GHS
  • Latest updates of KKDIK registration
  • LR nomination under KKDIK

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14:00 pm

14 July

Latest Updates of the South Korean OSHA amendment

Ms. Julie Harrington

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  • The Korean GHS Standard: MoEL No.2020-130SDS Submission Process
  • K-OSHA: CBI Application & Extension
  • Case Studies

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14:00 pm

21 July

Interpretation and FAQ on China SDS and Labelling

Mr. Li Xiang

  • Brief introduction of China GHS
  • Common mistakes and analysis
  • Frequent questions and answers

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Speakers and Authors




Dean Winder

Bryan Zhou

Elif Koç



Julie Harrington

Li Xiang

 David Wan

Cloris Pan

Gökhan ARDIÇ

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Questions and Comments

Before webinar

Please send your questions and comments to before the specific webinar and we will reply you during the webinar if possible.

Please ensure that all emails with questions and comments for the webinar series have the subject line “Questions and comments for Global GHS webinar Series”. While also indicating which webinar, you will be attending in the main email

During webinar

Please text your questions to us by zoom live chat, we will try to answer as many as we can during the event.

After webinar

Please also send your questions and comments to after the webinar and our designated consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

Further Information

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