CIRS Webinar Plan in 2021: Food, Food Contact Materials and Pet Food in China (Continuously Updating)

In order to help companies have a better understanding on regulatory trends and compliance requirements in food, food-related products and pet food in China, CIRS will launch a series of webinars (attending for free) in 2021. The topics will cover “health food registration and filing”, “FSMP registration”, “compliance requirements for pet food”, “compliance requirements for food related product (food contact materials)”, “new food raw material (novel food) registration”, and “new food additive registration”, etc. CIRS will bring the latest regulatory information and share the key points and FAQs in process of compliance as well as registration or filing of these products.

CIRS group welcomes peers and friends in food, food related products and pet food industry to attend our webinars. This article is updated after each of the webinars, so keep it on your cell phone and join us at any time!


Registration Fee


Targeted Attendees

  • Domestic and overseas health food manufacturer, distributor;
  • Domestic and overseas FSMP manufacturer, R&D institution;
  • Domestic and overseas pet food manufacturer, distributor;
  • Manufacturers and distributors of food ingredients or food additives;
  • Manufacturers and distributors of food contact additives, resins and finished products;
  • Related units engaged in R&D, quality control and compliance of food, food related products and pet food


CIRS Food Division 

CIRS Food Division was established in 2012, it has more than 80% masters with degrees of Food Safety or Food Engineering and more than 50% members from oversea renowned universities. Since it was founded, based on the rich experience of regulatory compliance and deep understanding of Chinese food regulations and industry, food specialists have made comprehensive and reasonable solutions for many oversea food companies to complete Chinese food regulatory compliance progress.

Official Experts

We will occasionally invite official experts from related industries to give keynote speeches.

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