CIRS Released the Compliance Guidelines for Hazardous Chemicals' Entry into China

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With ever growing development of global industry, there is significant focus and attention being paid to chemical safety and sustainable development. As a result of this, a number of regions, including China, have updated or released new laws and regulations on the management of chemicals.

To assist enterprises in understanding and complying with these regulations, experts from CIRS have prepared Compliance Guidelines for Hazardous Chemicals’ Entry into China. It covers a number of aspects including packaging, labeling, transportation, storage and waste disposal, and general guidance on hazardous chemicals regulatory compliance.

Contents of the Guidelines

Section 1. Notification of New Chemical Substances in China

Section 2. Import of Hazardous Chemicals

Section 3. Inspection and Supervision of Imported Hazardous Chemicals

Section 4. SDS and Safety Labels

Section 5. Transportation

Section 6. Storage

Section 7. Solid Wastes

How to Obtain the Guidelines

1. Send an email to us at, to get the Guidelines (Chinese version) free of charge.

2. Fill in the Order Form, and send it to to purchase the Japanese/English version

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