Japanese Existing and New Chemical Substances Inventory(ENCS)

The Japanese chemical inventories consist of different categories of chemicals. There is no standard existing chemical inventory such as China IECSC or KECI. Some people might call a combined list of existing and notified chemical substances as the Japanese Existing and New Chemical Substances(ENCS).

Under Japan Chemical Substances Control Act (CSCL), a new chemical substance is defined as a chemical substance other than those listed as follows:

  • Existing chemical substances (Approx. 20,600 substances): Chemical substances that were already manufactured/imported at the time of the promulgation of the Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) in 1973;
  • Announced chemical substances by public notice from the three ministries (Approx. 6,100 substances);
  • Class I and II specified chemical substances;
  • Priority assessment chemical substances;


All existing chemical substances and notified substances are given MITI numbers, which are important for custom clearance. All lists of regulated chemicals under CSCL mentioned above can be found in NITE's database:


If you cannot find METI no. for your substances, they might belong to new substance under CSCL and will require notification.

Checking If A Substance Is New Under ISHL

New chemical substances shall also be notified in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL). ISHL has its own chemical inventory called ISHL List. By default, existing chemical substances under CSCL are also existing chemical substances. However, ISHL has its own list of notified chemicals and regulated chemicals. This list is available at(only in Japanese):


You need to heck if your substance has ISHL reference number or MITI number.

It shall be noted that companies shall search both NITE's databse and ISHL list to confirm if a substance is a new substance in Japan or not. Japan's inventory is not easy to search and it requires significant expertise. There are two reasons:

  • In general, chemicals without MITI numbers will be regarded new chemical substances. Many chemicals can be found in NITE's database. However, they do not have MITI numbers. They might still belong to existing chemical substances because one MITI number might be assigned to a category of chemicals and correspond to different CAS numbers;
  • For polymer, it gets more complicated;
  • ISHL list is only available in Japanese;



Do you also find it difficult to check the Japanese existing chemical inventory ENCS and verify if a substance is new under ISHL or CSCL? If you need assistance, please send your inquiry to service@cirs-reach.com.  We can help you conduct the check and issue a confirmation letter free of charge. This offer is limited to one substance or one CAS per company.

For additional substance, this service costs 200 Euros per substance or per CAS.

Our Japan Chemical Compliance Services

  • General consultancy & training;
  • Search and confirm if a substance is new in Japan;
  • Confirm if a substance requires notification in Japan;
  • Dossier preparation and submission of new substance notification under CSCL and ISHL(full notification, SVE, LVE and polymer);
  • Test monitoring/translation of study reports;
  • Preparation of Japanese SDS and label;
  • Regulatory update monitoring.

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