National Existing Chemical Inventory in Taiwan

Taiwan's national existing chemical inventory is the newest among global inventories. The Council of Labor Affair of Taiwan established the existing chemical nomination program based on the inter-agency cooperation plan-“Action Plan for National Chemical Substance Registry Management and Information Application” in 2010.

Companies can now go to the website of the National Chemical Substance Register (NCSR) Office to search Taiwan’s existing substance inventory which has been finalized and released after supplementary nomination ended in 2012. There are around 79,000 substances (including polymer) in the inventory among which around 40% are produced or imported with volume above 1t/y. This online inventory is available for search here:


What is New

1. The revised Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA) in Taiwan was officially promulgated by President Ma Ying-jeou on 11 December 2013. The revised TCSCA requires enterprises to register new substances 90 days prior to production or importation and register designated existing substances manufactured or imported above a given quantity. The Act also strengthens the management of Class 4 toxic chemical substances. Enterprises are required to declare relevant toxicological information and obtain approval from competent authorities for Class 4 toxic chemical substances prior to handling. The provisions pertaining to chemical registrations are expected to come into force on 11 Dec 2014 while other provisions will come into force at the date of promulgation.  

More info can be found here.

2. Taiwan's second supplementary existing chemical substance nomination (ECN) starts on 1 June 2014. Click here for more info.

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