CIRS launches consumer products labeling review and preparation services for China

CIRS has started to provide consumer products labeling review and preparation services for China due to increasing requests from companies based within this industry.

Most of the consumer products containing chemicals may be not only subject to main Chinese chemical control laws and GHS requirements, but also subject to relevant product specific national standards and additional labeling requirements. Those consumer products include detergents, paints, lubricants, adhesives, aerosol products, and pesticides for households, etc.

CIRS is happy to provide the following services to help consumer products companies comply with China’s specific regulatory requirements:

  • Review of Product Category and Ingredients

We review product category and product ingredients and then determine if the product or ingredient requires registration or approval before it is marketed in China. We also check to see if the product contains any restricted or banned substances.

  • Product or Ingredient Registration

We help companies register their product or ingredient if necessary.

  • Classification and Labelling Review

We review the classification and existing labels of a chemical consumer product, and prepare compliant Chinese label in accordance with relevant laws and national standards specific to a product. We also prepare Chinese GHS compliant SDS(if required).

  • Risk Assessment of Consumer Products

We conduct risk assessment on consumer products to determine if a product is safe, based on hazard and exposure information of each ingredient. We also use risk-based approaches to select appropriate hazard statements for consumer products GHS labeling(not compulsory in China).

About Us

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) is an independent firm providing comprehensive hazardous substance testing and chemical regulatory consulting services with a strong focus on chemical compliance in EU and China. We are dedicated to providing valued chemical compliance services and solutions by delivering valued information through original expert analysis.

Two of the largest operations are based in the Hangzhou of China and Ireland. Since 2007, we have helped over 2,400 companies achieve chemical compliance in EU and China.

CIRS's R&D centre consists of approximately 15 chemists and toxicologists. They gather the latest regulatory updates concerning the chemical industry and evaluate how these will affect downstream users of chemicals. Through the provision of in-depth analysis of regulatory requirements, CIRS can offer the technical know-how to help our clients achieve compliance.

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