Free Webinar: Requirements for the Management of Online Cosmetics in China

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Online cosmetics market becomes more and more popular in China especially for cross border e-commerce. This webinar will focus on the requirements for the management of online cosmetics in China and inform you how to export cosmetics to China online market.


Time and Schedule

 Webinar 1 (English): 26 Apr 2016, Thursday, 9:20am Central European Time 

                                         (8:20am in UK, 4:20pm in China, 5:20pm in Japan)

       Webinar 2 (Chinese): 26 Apr 2016, Thursday, 10:00am Beijing Time

       Length: 30 mins

       Registration fee: Free of charge

About the Presenter

Ms Ivy Han, Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant, CIRS China

Ms Ivy Han is responsible for helping foreign companies comply with the Chinese regulations. She has provided solution proposals for many companies planning to sell their products online. She earned her master degree in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry from University of Toronto.

Ms Sarah Shu, Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant, CIRS China

Ms Sarah Shu has more than 2 years’ experience with registration of cosmetics in China and is mainly responsible for the research of Chinese cosmetic regulations. She earned her mater degree in Environmental Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Who Shall Attend

·     Manufacturers and distributors who export cosmetics to China;

·     Regulatory affairs specialist - personal care industry;

·     Online third party platform

How to Register

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 Webinar 1 (English): 26 Apr 2016, Thursday, 9:20am Central European Time

 Webinar 2 (Chinese): 26 Apr 2016, Thursday, 10:00am Beijing Time

After online registration, you will receive a link one day and one hour before the webinar starts. By clicking that link, you shall be able to join our webinar automatically.

Note: To attend this seminar, there is no need to call dial-in telephone number to access audio.Please note that the space is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.