Free Webinar: GHS Labelling of Small and Special Packaging in Different Countries

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Webinar will specifies the labelling requirements for small and special packages in different Countries/Regions, including EU, China, Korea and other AP Countries/Regions. The speaker, Mr Bryan Zhou will share the most updated information with all attendees within 40 mins webinar.

Time and Schedule


Webinar 1 (English): 8:00 am (GMT) or 4:00 pm (Beijing Time) 14th January 2016;

Webinar 2 (English): 2:00 pm (GMT), or10:00pm (Beijing Time) 14th January 2016;

Length: 40 min

Presentation focus: GHS labelling of small packages in different countries including regulation requirements of labelling, special labelling requirement of small packages, examples, etc.

Speaker: Mr. Bryan Zhou, Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant, CIRS;

Language: English

Registration fee: free of charge


Speaker Profile

Bryan Zhou, Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant, CIRS China

Mr. Zhou earned his Master degree in Chemistry from University of Cincinnati. He is a senior regulatory consultant and researching GHS standards and implementations in AP countries. Bryan has provided practical advice for dozens of foreign companies to meet GHS compliance requirements in these regions.


Who shall attend?

·         Companies which need to comply with labelling of small packages.

·         Regulatory affairs specialists involved with GHS service.

·         Responsible persons in chemical products supply chain.

How to register:

Webinar 1 (English): 8:00 am (GMT) or 4:00 pm (Beijing Time) 14th January 2016;

Webinar 2 (English): 2:00 pm (GMT), or10:00pm (Beijing Time) 14th January 2016;

After online registration, you will receive a link one day and one hour before the webinar starts. By clicking that link, you shall be able to join our webinar automatically. Please note that space is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.


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