CIRS Speaks at the Cobalt Conference 2016

Ms. Jane Song, on behalf of CIRS, was invited to speak at the Cobalt Conference held by Cobalt Development Institute in Seoul, Korea during May 11-12.  

As a non-profit trade association composed of producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt, Cobalt Development Institute (CDI) represent the voice of the Cobalt Industry on cobalt related health, safety, and environmental issues and organize one major conference every spring time. This year, the conference mainly draws attention to the trend of chemical regulations, outlook for Cobalt & mental product market and status quo of industry chain in various countries.

As the only chemical consultation service provider invited to CDI, CIRS gives its own professional advices regarding chemical regulation and compliance. Ms. Jane addressed an impressive speech on Recent Movements on K-REACH and KOSHA, and make case analysis of regulation compliance based on current situation of Cobalt industry. During the Q&A session, CIRS expert also made further interpretations of phase-in substance registration and polymer registration in Korea.

So far, CIRS has already established long-term cooperative relations with several industry associations like Cobalt Development Institute, Nickel Institute, Copper Institute and Methanol Institute, which, in certain extend, facilitates broaden and deepen our impact on the industry as well as strengthens our position in the field of chemical regulation compliance service.