The Statistics of China New Chemical Substance Notification in 2016

The statistics of China new chemical substance notification during 2016 has been notified.

On 21 Feb. 2017, The China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) released a Notice concerning the Approved Situation of New Chemical Substance Notification and Scientific Research Record. As the Notice specified, a total of 1080 scientific research record, 132 newly approved typical notification, 30 typical notification (altered), 529 simplified notification basic condition and 2093 and simplified notification specific condition was approved.

Up to 2016, MEP has approved 5864 scientific research record, 522 typical notification, 2334 simplified notification basic condition and 16885 simplified notification specific condition in total.

In accordance with Provisions on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substance (MEP Decree No. 7), new chemical substance notification is required in China. Please click here for more information on new chemical substance notification in China.

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