CIRS Released the Prospects of Chemical Regulations for 2020-2021

In 2020-2021, many countries are continuously updating their chemical regulations and many chemical regulations are expected to be issued in the future, including EU REACH evaluation, Brexit, nanomaterials regulations, etc. which may greatly influence a great number of enterprises.

In addition to these regulations, enterprises also need to give prominence to some special regulations which will be implemented in the next 1-2 years. CIRS is to analyze these regulations in the following sections

Contents of the Prospects of Chemical Regulations for 2020-2021

Section 1. Updating of REACH and Nanomaterials Regulations

Section 2. The Revised K-REACH Regulation

Section 3. UK-REACH (Brexit)

Section 4. Turkish KKDIK Regulation

Section 5. Inventory Nomination in Russia

Section 6. Provisions on Environmental Administration of Chemical Substances in China

Section 7. Taiwan TCSCA Regulation

Section 8. Regulation on Environmental Risk Assessment and Control of Chemical Substances (Draft)

Section 9. Measures for the Administration of Road Transportation Safety of Dangerous Goods Took Effect

Section 10. Measures for the Public Security Management of Hazardous Chemicals Liable to Produce Explosives (Draft)

Section 11. The Implementation of CLP Article 45

Section 12. Updating of Australia AICIS

Section 13. Chemicals (Management &Safety) Rules 20XX

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