AQSIQ Issued Administrative Measures for Imported Food Attached Certificates (Draft for Comments)

On June 6, 2017, AQSIQ issued Administrative Measures for Imported Food Attached Certificates (Draft for Comments). According to the draft, the proposed date of effectiveness is October 1, 2017. After the Administrative Measures come into force, food without attached certificates or their attached certificates do not comply with the Administrative Measures shall not be imported to China. 

What information should a compliant certificate include? 

There are four major points:

  • Production and processing enterprise information, including the name, address, registration/registration record number (if applicable), information record number of the production enterprise.
  • Product information, including product name, brand, specification, packaging method, quantity and weight, variety, production/packaging date, country of origin.
  • Trade information, including the name, address, filing number of the importer, the name, address, filing number of the exporter, place of departure, destination, exporting country, transportation facility, container number and seal number.
  • Supervision information. The production, processing, storage, transportation and export of the food exported to China shall be under the supervision of the exporting country/region and suitable for human consumption. 

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